WBIR has introduced you to many people over the years born and raised in East Tennessee. Now, through a new series called Home Grown, Beth Haynes is giving you the chance to get to know them even better. This area has shaped many familiar faces from Kenny Chesney and Chad Pennington to Scottie Mayfield. Tuesdays at Five, we're going to take you down memory lane and share the unique journeys of Tennessee's favorite sons and daughters.

HomeGrown: Trevor Bayne

3:23 PM, Aug 20, 2013

In a week, Trevor Bayne has cruised from the back of the pack to Daytona's victory lane, grabbing the national spotlight and inspiring a new generation of NASCAR fans. The 20-year-old from Halls is wise beyond his years. And, his HomeGrown story is centered in faith and family.

HomeGrown: Kim Williams, Country Hall of Fame songwriter

8:36 PM, May 21, 2013

You may not know the name Kim Williams, but if you like country music, you definitely know his songs. The HomeGrown songwriter has nearly 20 number one hits and dozens of top 10 singles in country, gospel and bluegrass. And, he grew up just outside of Rogersville.

HomeGrown: Reverend Harold Middlebrook

4:12 PM, Apr 9, 2013

April 4th, 1968, Reverend Harold Middlebrook was just feet below the Lorraine Motel balcony as his friend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fell to the ground. Like Dr. King, the Civil Rights movement has consumed Middlebrook's life.

HomeGrown: Jay Bush

4:01 PM, Mar 26, 2013

Jay Bush and his dog, Duke, have become very comfortable in front of the camera. The two have been the face of Bush Brothers since 1993. However, the company is more than 100 years old. It all started in the tiny East Tennessee town of Chestnut, Tennessee.

HomeGrown: Diana Warner

4:38 PM, Mar 12, 2013

Diana Warner designs wearable art from her fashion empire in New York. And, it is the jewelry of choice for many Hollywood starlets. While she loves the Big Apple, the HomeGrown designer is always glad to come back home to Knoxville.

HomeGrown: DeRoyal

6:48 PM, Feb 19, 2013

If you've ever had a broken bone, you'll appreciate DeRoyal. That's because, 40 years ago, the East Tennessee Company revolutionized the cast. Now, with thousands of healthcare products and 70 patents, the HomeGrown business is mending people all over the world.

HomeGrown: Crescent Sock Company

9:18 PM, Dec 18, 2012

If you find a pair of socks in your stocking Christmas morning, check the label. If it says "World's Softest," it's homegrown in Niota, Tennessee.

HomeGrown: Jack Daniel's Distillery

5:37 PM, Dec 4, 2012

Did you know the number one selling whiskey in the world is made in a tiny Tennessee town? Yes, it's true and it's all thanks to a man named Jack Daniel. Lynchburg, Tennessee is the birth place of his Tennessee whiskey.

HomeGrown: The Black Lillies

7:26 PM, Sep 18, 2012

The Black Lillies have a unique Bluegrass sound. And, their latest video featuring the song "Same Mistakes" premiered on CMT Tuesday. It's just the latest national nod for the Knoxville-based Americana band.

HomeGrown: Rocky Goode, SEC Replay Official

5:56 PM, Aug 21, 2012

For two decades, Rocky Goode has proudly worn stripes as an SEC Official. And, this Thursday, it's earning him a spot in the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame. Rocky's love of the game dates back to early childhood in West Knoxville.

HomeGrown: Jeff Joslin, Actor

9:11 PM, Aug 7, 2012

For Jeff Joslin, sports and sales were always the name of the game. But now, at age 50, he's chasing Hollywood's bright lights. And, thanks to Tyler Perry's newest flick "Madea's Witness Protection," Joslin's acting career is well on its way.

HomeGrown: Major Brent Stevens, Blue Angels Pilot

3:15 PM, Jul 24, 2012

You may not know his name, but you know his elite status, Blue Angel. Major Brent Stevens flies left wing with the famed flight demonstration squadron. It's a reality he first began dreaming of at age six in East Tennessee.

HomeGrown: Jake Butcher

9:13 PM, May 22, 2012

Jake Butcher's life is marked by success but also failure.
Pulling off the 1982 World's Fair was a major feat, but stealing millions in a banking scandal landed him in prison for nearly seven years. His HomeGrown story begins in Union County.

HomeGrown: The Oak Ridge Boys

8:17 PM, May 15, 2012

From "Elvira" to "Bobbie Sue," the Oak Ridge Boys have produced more than 30 top 10 hits over the last four decades, but the group's tradition actually dates back to World War II and its namesake, the Secret City. This HomeGrown begins in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

HomeGrown: Kristian and Brandon Bush, Sugarland

11:24 AM, May 2, 2012

Kristian Bush is the hat wearing half of the multi-platinum selling duo Sugarland. In addition to Jennifer Nettles, he shares the stage with his brother and keyboardist, Brandon Bush. The two have been making music together since early childhood in Sevierville, Tennessee.