KPD officers being investigated for assaulting man during arrest

6:44 PM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
  • Jeremy Jinnett, Ty Compton, Chris Whitfield
  • Chris Whitfield
  • Jeremy Jinnett
  • Ty Compton
  • Michael Allen Mallicoat
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A criminal and internal investigation is underway, after three Knoxville Police officers were accused of beating a man who was already handcuffed.

The incident happened February 9 on Grainger Avenue in North Knoxville.  Several neighbors witnessed it.

According to a press release from KPD, Chief David Rausch personally reviewed the video of the arrest of Michael Allen Mallicoat, after hearing from a concerned member of the community.

Mallicoat was injured during the arrest.  A female KPD officer also received minor injuries.

The three officers, Ty Compton, Jeremy Jinnett, and Chris Whitfield, have all been placed on administrative leave during the investigations.

Jinnett has been with KPD since 2002.  Compton was hired in 2007, and Whitfield joined the force in 2009.

Neighborhood Watch member Ricky Stallings said he was not present during the alleged assault, but said neighbors have been telling him a lot about the incident.

Stallings said, "We understand that Mr. Mallicoat was intoxicated and was a little bit on the out of control side and KPD had to put a little control back into it and then I understand that he was resisting arrest."

Though Stallings didn't see the alleged abuse, he said he did witness something else when he reached the intersection of Grainger and Luttrell avenues.

"I observed and noticed that he was in the grass area bleeding from the face," Stallings said.

Stallings said the police department does a great job and he's not out to bash the department. He wants the right thing done.

"I'm not here to upset the KPD. I want them to be our friends and I want it to be understandable that we need them here, but if there is wrongdoing by KPD we need to deal with that," said Stallings.

The Police Advisory Review Committee (PARC) said a couple of complaints have been filed against the accused officers in the past; however those complaints were not substantiated.

The Knoxville Police Department said it's the department's policy not to comment on an ongoing investigation.

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