Avoid getting stuck in snow and ice with simple tips

8:34 AM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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East Tennessee had one round of winter weather last week.  Now the area is bracing for a possible storm Friday.  Don Lindsey from AAA shared with 10News' Allison Bybee some tips, tricks, and things just plain not to do if your car gets stuck in ice or snow.

He recommended preparing tonight to be ready starting with checking your tires.

Lindsey says good tires will help keep you from getting stuck on or off the road.  Bald tires will cause you to slide even more on ice and snow.

He recommends making sure the pressure in your tires match the manufacture's recommendations.  You can use a quarter to quickly check your tread. Stick the coin in a groove of the tire.  If the raised area does not cover the president's head, you need to get new tread.

Lindsey says to use an old towel to wipe off water from the inside edge of doors before temperatures drop.  He then says to spray a product like WD-40 on the towel then wipe the inside edge of the doors.  This will prevent the doors from freezing shut.  To protect the doors and windows further, he recommends placing a plastic bag or old sheet over the top of the door.

Tonight would also be a good time to check the battery in your key fob.

He cautioned drivers  to slow down and allow extra space for braking.

There are essential items you should have in your car.  Lindsey says non-perishable food, water, blankets, flashlights, and a shovel are necessary items to have in your vehicle.

In addition, pack a flashlight and fully charged cell phone.

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