Ice cream trucks make appearance as temperatures increase

11:46 PM, May 2, 2012   |    comments
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As the weather heats up, more ice cream trucks are hitting the road.

The Betz family used to eat from ice cream trucks all the time when they lived in New York. They called it a nice tradition.

"Everybody was all excited to get a refreshing treat," said family member Renee Betz.

The family sees ice cream trucks every once in a while in East Tennessee. Here, in Knox County, ice cream trucks must stand up to a number of regulations before they serve customers.

According to Ronnie Nease, the director of Environmental Health with the Knox County Health Department, all trucks must receive a permit from the state's agriculture department in order to operate.

"[We see] that they're clean, the product comes from an approved source and that they have a thermometer to ensure that the products are kept at the proper temperature," Nease said.

After ice cream truck vendors get their permits, they then have to apply for a business license from the City of Knoxville. However, they do not have to get a background check.

The Knoxville Police Department said it could not recall an instance in which an ice cream truck operator committed a crime while on the job over the last decade.

Still, some people do not trust the trucks. Knoxville father Brad Hill said he will not take

"Round here, we go to Rita's all the time," Hill said.

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