Dedication ceremony planned at library for beloved dog

4:09 PM, Apr 25, 2012   |    comments
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A beloved basset hound will have a permanent memorial at an East Tennessee library.

"He loved all people, all animals. And as we went around he got the attention for everybody," Maryville resident Michael Davis said.

Photographs remind Michael Davis of his basset hound named Eeyore.

He was a friendly dog who didn't mind dressing up for costume contests to benefit homeless pets and he never met a stranger.

"We would walk all over town and knew everybody and everybody knew him. Most people don't know my name but they would know Eeyore's name," Davis said.

Part of Eeyore's routine was walking the greenway twice a day. He always ended up at the Blount County Library.

"He wouldn't go home until he walked around the library. And the reason he wouldn't want to leave then is because there were always about four or five kids on the curb waiting for their rides and he would have to go to each one of them one at a time and be petted. Then he would be ready to go home," Davis said.

Eeyore passed away last summer, just a month before his 11th birthday.

Michael and his wife decided a memorial at the library would be appropriate so they designed a plaque and put in a bench by the library entrance. It's a place for people to sit, especially children.

"Where I put the bench is where they were sitting on the curb," Davis explained.

A short dedication ceremony at the library is set for this Saturday at noon. Everyone is invited.

"I would like for them to remember his goodness, how happy he always was," Davis said.

He was the picture of a good pet, a good dog.

"He taught me what a real friend is," he said.

He was a real friend who will be remembered.

Since Eeyore died, the Davis family has joined the Blount County Humane Society and adopted another basset hound.

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