Mobile speed camera monitors Madisonville roads

4:35 PM, Mar 29, 2012   |    comments
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A speed camera is being used in a different way in Madisonville.

Usually, the monitoring devices are stationary.  The one in Madisonville is mobile.

The Madisonville Police Department started using the portable technology this week.

Police plan to park the single unit in 20 different locations across the city over time.

A St. Louis company oversees the machine.  Revenue from the $50 ticket is split between the company and city.  The ticket is not recorded on your permanent record.

"The desired effect that we want is we slow down all over town," said Police Chief Gregg Breeden. 

Breeden believes the mobile speed camera will have a larger impact on traffic than a stationary one.

Right now, violators are receiving warnings in the mail.  The system will begin generating citations around April 9.

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