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He is pretty amazing, that Johnathan

5:37 PM, Mar 9, 2012   |    comments
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So we drove over to Side Splitters and I was a little nervous about meeting this Amazing Johnathan person. I had seen some videos and I was pretty sure that there was a trick that was going to be done at my expense. I was ready for him. Good thing it was early. He was not prepared for this.

Okay, I wasn't prepared for what the magician/comedian had in store. Needless to say, we started our interview off laying down.

Well this is different. Then it was time to get up and see some of the things that he has become famous for. Did I mention he is about to shoot a Comedy Central special or that he is based out of Las Vegas? Oh well, yes and yes.

So after some witty banter, I think I went over my allotted two minutes for the show. We had a laugh, I was grossed out and I'm pretty sure one of the owners of Side Splitters thought we were both crazy. He "stole" my nose!

If you are in the mood to be entertained, this might be a magic show that is funny and not something you normally see around these parts.

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