Survey: TN has 8th cheapest gas in the country

1:50 PM, Mar 16, 2012   |    comments
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With nearly a third of the country's drivers paying $4 dollars or more for a gallon of gas, there is some good news for Tennessee drivers.

According to 24/,  Tennessee has the 8th cheapest gas in the country.

Statewide, a gallon of regular gas averages $3.59 a gallon.
Knoxville's average is just one cent higher. 

Wyoming drivers are feeling the least pain at the pump, according to the survey, with gas averaging $3.30 a gallon.  They're followed by Colorado, Montana, South Carolina, Utah, Arkansas, and Mississippi. 

Alabama and Idaho follow Tennessee, rounding out the top ten.

This comes as USA Today reports six states and DC are seeing $4 a gallon gas.   Those states are Hawaii, California, Alaska, Illinois, New York, and Connecticut

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