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Melissa is a pretty, young lady who is very outgoing. She likes to go shopping, play basketball, and any kind of sports. She loves all things to do with food, including eating it; and would like to learn to cook.

She hopes to become a professional dancer or artist one day.

Her favorite TV shows are Sponge Bob, CSI, Law and Order, and House. She also likes the Twilight series. Melissa likes listening to all kinds of music, including hip hop, country and rap.

Her favorite subject in school is math. Melissa loves, animals also.

Melissa is a very smart young lady with a good heart. She is lovable , and fun to be around. Melissa prefers to have a single mother as a parent. She needs a mom who is patient, committed and consistent. Melissa needs encouragement to help her reach her full potential.



Karen Chamberlain
Program Coordinator
Foster Care and Adoptions
Central Office

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