Monday's Child: Adoptable youngster Danielle is a country girl

12:40 PM, Apr 5, 2010   |    comments
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Danielle, 14, is a bit of a country girl. She likes country music and hopes she might live on a farm some day--and that's a thought that coaxes a genuine smile to her face.

Though she's a bit shy, Danielle loves country music and likes to sing along to her favorite artists on the radio.

She wasn't too sure about trying to sing an old folk song at the voice recording booth in the creative discovery museum in Chattanooga.

Her case manager says Danielle is loving and has a generous spirit. She likes school. Math is one of her favorite subjects.

She really likes animals of all sorts and might like to work with them when she grows up. For now, she's hoping her adoptive home might be on a farm.

"When I was living in Michigan, I always went to my grandmother's house, and my grandmother had a farm down from her house, and that was cows and stuff like that, and I helped take care of them," Danielle remembered fondly.

Wherever Danielle ends up, be it in the country or in town, she needs a family that can give her a lot of stability, support, and love.

For more information about any adoptable child call 1-615-741-6056.

You can also visit the Tennessee Department of Children's Services website.

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